Dog Won’t Allow Postman To Deliver Mail Until He Plays Soccer With Him

A dog in Scotland insists that the postman play soccer with him every day, or he’s not allowed to deliver the mail. And all of this playing and practicing has made the dog really good! 😀

The video was posted to Twitter by the postman’s daughter, Amy Barbour.

“So this dug doesn’t let ma dad deliver the mail until he’s played football with him, he finally took a video and a canny believe my eyes, the dugs incredible!!!!” she said.

You can see as the dog kicks the ball back and forth with the mailman as he holds onto a smaller ball in his mouth.

Surprised by the dog’s growing skillset, the postman exclaims, “Can you believe that? Look at this!”

This postman is going to have to work on his game and get better if he wants to keep up with this four-legged footballer! 😉

h/t The Dodo