Dog Learns All Of The Parks Have Been Closed, Shows His Disappointment

Murphy lives with his dad in Spain where efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus have put things on a temporary lockdown. With everything closed and shelter-in-place provisions in effect, it’s been different for everyone. And recently, the dog was hit with the reality of the situation.

While still allowed and able to go on daily walks, Dad and Murphy have been making their rounds to stay active and busy. But when they came upon the park one day, Murphy found out that it was closed. You can see the disappointment set in as he realizes what’s going on… the poor thing!

Luis Chacón posted the video to Twitter with a caption that reads (as translated):
“Quarantine Day 4: Murphy begins to [learn of] regular park closings. He doesn’t understand anything.”

We gotta do what we gotta do in the meantime to stay safe, but the parks will be opened back up soon enough, little pup! 🙂