Stray Who’s Afraid Of People Spent A Year Lying In Trash And Avoiding Humans

A stray in De Doorns had evaded rescuers for over year while struggling to survive all alone in the township. With each passing day he got sicker and sicker, and he was so afraid of humans. But thankfully, he ended up in the hands of Sidewalk Specials!

Fast forward to today, Crumb’s skin condition is no longer contagious and his TVT cancer is responding well to chemotherapy! He’s learning to trust and how to act like a real dog, and he’s now fully house trained! 🙂

Crumb is still making improvements each day of his life, and all the two-year-old dog needs is that loving forever home. None of this would’ve been possible without Sidewalk Specials’ care, everyone’s donations and support, his foster parents, Vet Point’s medical attention, and Boehringer Ingelheim for sponsoring Crumb with skin-healing Nexgard!