Dog Finds Herself Stranded 120 Feet Above The Mississippi River

Ryan Nataluk was working with his crew when one of the bridge inspection engineers called out over the radio that he found a dog. Ryan thought it must be a raccoon, but then he saw the dog stranded on the edge of the Natchez-Vidalia bridge 120 feet above the Mississippi River.


Nataluk, vice president and lead engineer for Stantec, has more than 23 years of experience inspecting and climbing bridges and even mountain climbs in his spare time. So he didn’t hesitate to help the dog.

Over the years he has taken his own dog camping and has figured out how to cross rivers and make makeshift harnesses. And today, that experience would come in handy. He went in for rescue after alerting police and crafted a harness out of a piece of chord.

The video shows Ryan working alongside officer John Fenly to get the dog up to safety. When the dog got to solid ground they saw she had no injuries, and she even started wagging her tail! She was so happy to be rescued. 🙂


As much as Ryan and crew wanted to take her back home with them to Colorado, someone else stepped up to claim her. It wasn’t long after her rescue that she was adopted!

“She is a very fortunate dog,” Police Chief Walter Armstrong said. “They need to name her, ‘Lucky.'”