Family Out On Their Boat Sees A Dog In The Lake 4 Miles From Shore

Jeannie Wilcox and family were on Lake Michigan when they spotted an animal in the water about four miles away from shore. When the woman realized it was a dog, she yelled out for her family to help. They jumped into action and were able to pull the dog aboard where they started drying her off.

The dog was scared and cold, and they think she may have been treading water for upwards of an hour. They headed back to shore so they could get the dog to a vet, and they scanned for a microchip and were able to locate her owners. It turned out her mom and dad were on a sailboat when their dog fell into the lake, and they had been looking all over for her.

But they’re back together now and so happy and grateful! The dog is currently safe and healthy, and her collar and tags and microchip all played huge parts in making the reunion possible.