Dog Experiencing Its First Snowfall Has Us Filled With Childlike Wonder

As adults we often take it for granted, but the first snowfall of the year is a wondrous thing of beauty. Children seem to be more well-equipped with the proper perspective to just sit back and take it all in. Thankfully, there are moments like this to remind us to never completely lose that childlike wonder. 🙂

This Border Collie discovering its first snowfall takes us back to being kids again. The pure joy and excitement of seeing snow for the first time in its life has the dog doing zoomies all over the backyard!

Remember seeing snow and wanting to run outside and play in it? We didn’t care how cold it was, and that’s the same exact mindset of this dog. The Border Collie is all about exploring and celebrating, and nothing could possibly dampen the mood. 🙂

We have our kids and dogs to help keep us in the moment and to not take the little things in life for granted. Sometimes we just need to set all of our worries and problems aside and embrace the beauty all around us. Wouldn’t you agree?

Just look at this doggie go! Isn’t it an amazing thing to witness? 🙂