Service Dogs Practice Fire Drill Exercise, And They Adorably Nail It

Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency is always of utmost importance. Not only do we have to be prepared, but we must work to prepare our loved ones and furry friends as well. Guiding Eyes for the Blind in New York is a non-profit that trains dogs to be the perfect companions for people with visual impairments. And with their schools hosting well over 100 pups, it’s important to practice fire safety through drills!

“Yesterday, the Training School staff at our Yorktown Heights, NY campus practiced a kennel evacuation drill. In the event of a fire, our staff needs to be able to clear the kennel of any dogs before firetrucks arrive (their response time as a volunteer firefighting department is approximately 4 minutes),” they wrote on the Facebook post of the video.

They continued: “During this drill, we don’t follow our standard kennel procedures – dogs are released into the community run as fast as possible and without their identification collars. The staff gamely took on the challenge, and we completed the drill of clearing all 174 dogs and all staff members from the building in 3 minutes and 8 seconds. Great work!”

Watch the service dogs complete the fire drill perfectly and adorably. 🙂