Dog Gets A Hole In The Fence To Be Able To Watch Over Passersby Like Royalty

Bogart the 4-year-old English Bulldog likes to sit and watch the world go by like most other dogs. But when his family had a new fence put up around their yard that was too tall for the pup to see over, he was devastated.

Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen

This new fence would keep the older dog from jumping over and escaping, but they needed to accommodate Bogart too. So they decided to cut a hole into the fence to enable the Bulldog to watch passersby like royalty! 😛

Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen

Bogart has no idea, but now he’s seen as a king as he keeps a watchful eye. He’s become quite the tourist attraction because of this, and the pup just eats up the attention!

“King of the road” 🙂