Dog Lets Out A Squeaker, The Unforeseen Fart Has The Dog And Mom Wondering

Every once in a while, one just unexpectedly squeaks out. And Lucy the seven-month-old German Shepherd is about to experience that firsthand. The beautiful white dog is just relaxing on the chair while mom happens to be recording, and a fart slips out. And it’s a doozy!

Lucy has no idea what is going on or where that sound is coming from. So we get a precious head tilt as she curiously contemplates the situation.

Her reaction is too perfect and too funny! Lucy does a little sniffing around before abandoning the evil chair altogether. And mom can’t stop laughing! She can barely hold the camera still by the end she’s laughing so hard. 😀

You’ll want to see and hear this in action for yourself! Turn up your volume, and watch the video below.