Dog Runs Into Deer On His Walk And Avoids Its Playful Advances For Rocks

Yukon the dog likes to go out on adventures with his explorer dad, Greg. The dog has a hobby, and that hobby is rock collecting! Anytime he finds a good one, he brings it to Dad. Well, one day when the two were out doing their rock hunting, Yukon ran into a fawn. And that baby deer just wanted to be friends. ūüôā

The fawn splashed around and made friendly advances trying to get Yukon’s attention. But the dog just continued looking for and collecting rocks! Greg later found out that “Daisy” is an orphaned baby deer, so he allows her to accompany them while out and about now. Sometimes Yukon acts a little more interested in the deer, but mostly he just goes about his own thing while letting Daisy hang around. Too cute!