Dog’s Just Trying To Get Some Beauty Rest When The Cat Casually Approaches

If it looks and feels like a bed, it must be a bed. Right? Oh, nope. That’s the dog! The cat in the video below is either a little confused, or this isn’t the first time this has happened! As the dog’s trying to catch some beauty rest, the kitty casually strolls up and joins in what seems to the viewer a fairly obnoxious way. 😉

Luckily for the cat, the dog doesn’t seem to mind at all! The dog either enjoys it or has just become used to the kitty’s ways and has given in to it. The cat stands on the dog and proceeds to fluff his fur a bit before climbing all the way on top.

And now the cat is ready to settle in for a long nap. The patient dog accepts his new position as a comfy bed and goes back to catching some Zs! Hey, if the dog’s okay with it, this is totally adorable. 🙂