Stray Dog And Wild Leopard Get Stuck In The Same Room, Make A Truce

A stray dog and leopard got stuck in a bathroom together, and everyone assumed the pooch wouldn’t make it out alive. But after 7 hours, there they still sat in each other’s company. The leopard had been chasing the dog when he took refuge in a house in the bathroom, but the leopard followed Bollu right in.

The homeowner slammed the door shut after seeing the leopard. The forestry department arrived on scene and removed sheeting from the roof and put a camera inside to see what was going on. And it appeared the two animals had made peace!

After some work, the forestry officials were able to free the leopard who ran back into the wildnerness. Bollu was pulled from the bathroom without a scratch, and he was so happy to be free! 🙂

No one knows exactly how the two managed to coexist in there, but it could be the fact that leopards like to attack in stealth. In the small room together, it may have been wary of the dog defending himself combined with the lack of a clear escape path. Bollu seemed to pick the perfect hiding spot!