Man Sees Doe Struggling Out On The Ice, Returns With Some Help

Gil Lancour was on his way home for lunch one day when he saw a deer struggling out on the ice. The reservoir used for growing their cranberries had frozen over, and this doe had become stuck. Gil had to stop to help.

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Gil, a 32-year-old employee of the Elm Lake Cranberry Co., couldn’t ignore the deer, but his truck was scaring her. So he drove home, which is next to the cranberry farm, and grabbed a dog leash and ice cleats. He returned to the scene but parked down the way and called John Moss.

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John Moss and his family have owned the cranberry farm for four generations, and Gil has worked and lived near the farm for 13 years. John arrived to see Gil sitting next to and talking to the doe to keep her calm. He started recording as Gil pushed on the deer.

He slowly and carefully pushed, and the doe didn’t seem to mind at all! They got to solid ground, and the doe was able to stand and run off. Amazing! Watch the rescue in the video below. 🙂