Dog Pulled From House Fire Hugs The Firefighter Who Resuscitated Him

A house on the south side of Des Moines broke out in fire, and firefighters arrived on scene to help. The family was outside, but their two dogs were still in the home. First responders did what they could and were able to pull Prince from the burning house.

ARL Animal Services

Sadly, the one dog died while inside. But they immediately got to work to resuscitate Prince and saved his life! The dog was taken to a vet right away to be seen for smoke inhalation. Animal Rescue League’s Animal Services reported that Creature Comforts stepped up to squeeze him into their schedule and check him out giving him a thorough exam and a bath.

ARL Animal Services

The family not only lost their one dog but also all of their belongings. But the family members and Prince are safe.

“Once the fire was over, one of the firefighters who had saved Prince’s life sought him out to make sure he was truly OK,” the Facebook post stated. “As the firefighter came over, Prince stood up on his hind legs against him, as if to say thank you. ‘Alright, buddy,’ the firefighter said, smiling as Prince snuggled close. ‘This is the way we want to see you.'”

H/T: KCCI 8 News