Lonesome Puppy Hid In The Dark And Always Kept His Tail Between His Legs

A puppy suffering from severe mange tried hiding from his pain and the world in an abandoned, dark room. He was so timid and unsure of everything because of this neglectful beginning to life that his little tail constantly remained tucked between his back legs. To win his trust would be a challenge to say the least…

But Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers have been there before! They were as gentle as could be and let him know everything would be all right. The dog’s soft eyes told them that he wanted affection, they just had to go about it the right way. He was stressed and sick and desperately needed care.

The pup eventually got used to his medicated baths and finally relaxed enough to eat. And then that little tail even wagged! He trusted these people more with each passing day, and his spirit began to recover. But just wait until you see Demetrius today! 🙂