Deaf Dog Was Always Overlooked In The Shelter—Until The Right People Showed Up

Mark and Sean were looking to adopt another deaf dog in the area and came across a sweet pittie named Blu. She never got any visitors and was always overlooked in the shelter after her family had to leave her behind to move into an apartment that didn’t allow pit bulls. When the couple went into the room to meet her, she was so vibrant and full of life!

On her first car ride to the beach just a few days after rescuing her, Blu was so scared and just sat shaking in the back. Now, it’s her favorite thing in the world! Blu is the fourth deaf dog they’ve adopted–they feel there’s something truly special and rewarding there. “Deaf dogs hear with their hearts.”

Blu is living the life today! Her owners are perfectly in tune with her needs, and they have their own ways of communicating. It just goes to show that dogs with special needs deserve a chance too! 🙂