Injured Dog Trying To Hide From His Pain Gets A Hug To Kick Off His Healing Process

Animal Aid Unlimited received word that an injured stray had found refuge in someone’s home, so they set out to rescue him. When they arrived, they found the older dog trying to hide from his pain behind a motorbike. He was very stressed out because of the circumstances.

Rescuers saw that the dog had a deep wound by his ear filled with maggots. They carefully picked him up and transported him back to their facilities to get started on his treatment. But before they did anything, they kicked off the healing process with a special hug. 🙂

The dog was sedated so that they could properly clean the wound. In just a few more hours, the maggots would have been able to reach his brain. They rescued this sweet boy just in time.

Just wait until you see David today!

You can donate to Animal Aid to help them continue to rescue street animals in India.