Girl’s Dancing On Video When Her Attention Turns To Dog Drowning In Background

A teenager was filming a dance video to upload to TikTok when she heard some splashing in the pool behind her. That’s when all of her attention turned toward saving her drowning dog. Without hesitation, she kicked off her shoes and jumped into the pool.

Cadence Beavers lifted her dog out of the water and over her head and placed her on solid ground saving her life.

“I didn’t know that all dogs couldn’t swim so I heard the splash and I turned around and then it clicked that [MJ] was just sinking to the bottom like a rock,” Cadence Beavers told In The Know. “I totally forgot I was even making a TikTok! It was just my instincts to take off my shoes and check for my phone and then jump in quickly.”


Omfg saved my dog and my shoes #fyp #icantstopshaking #shesokay

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Thanks to Cadence’s quick thinking and actions, MJ was not harmed and would go on to be completely fine. Amazing! 🙂