Two Cats Wake Owner In The Middle Of The Night To Warn Of House Fire

A resident living in a block of flats in Edinburgh was fast asleep when their two cats, Daisy and Dexter, came into the bedroom with a warning. The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was startled by the cats’ actions and figured a delivery man must be at the door or something. But they looked through the peephole in the front door and saw the flames.

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The resident told Edinburgh live, “I was laying in bed with Dexter and Daisy when they both suddenly popped up and ran out into the hall obviously startled by something. There hadn’t been a noise but I thought it was maybe the postman or an Amazon driver. They were both over by the front door clearly freaked out and on high alert. Something wasn’t right.”

“I looked out the peephole to see the stairway filled with flames. I thought I was seeing things! I opened the door to a fire,” they continued.

A neighbor heard the owner yelling for help and came out to extinguish the fire. They believe if not for the warning, the fire would have continued to spread making an escape impossible. Daisy and Dexter are heroes! 🙂

H/T – Wamiz