Dad Buys Pup $200 Playpen Only To Be Disappointed Moments Later

We love to buy our dogs nice things and spoil them rotten, but sometimes they just want the boxes the stuff came in. As much as we think our pets may need or want something, for whatever reason it just may not work out. For the dad in the video below, his purchase of a $200 playpen immediately feels like a waste! ūüėÄ

He lowers the pup into his brand new playpen only to be disappointed moments later. Right away, the dog squeezes between the bars and walks out as if walking through a doorway!

“Are you serious?” Dad says. “I just wasted $200 on a cage.”

Mom says he’ll grow into it though. What do you think ‚ÄĒ should they return it or wait it out? ūüėõ