Dog Takes On Role Of Crossing Guard To Help Kids Safely Cross The Street

In Batumi, Georgia, Beqa Tsinadze came across a crosswalk where kids were trying to safely cross the street. They needed the help of a crossing guard, and it turned out a good boy had taken on that role by barking at traffic to stop the cars and then leading the kids across the road. ūüėÄ

The people in the vehicles didn’t always seem to care about these kids trying to get to the other side, but that’s where this good doggo came into play! And this wasn’t a one time thing; the dog has done this on other occasions.

According to the local media, the dog showed up a few years ago as a stray and has been taken care of by the community. I suppose the pup just feels this is his way of giving back and helping out in a place that has accepted him as their collective pet. ūüôā