Family Documents Puppy’s Crazy 6-Month Growth Spurt With Photos

Danielle Schweiger and her husband decided to bring a little Akita puppy into their family. They named him Bear, but even with naming him that, they didn’t quite expect how quickly their pup would grow — or exactly how big he would get!

The Schweigers began documenting the pup’s growth spurt with a photo of Bear at just 10 weeks old. From there, his growth transformation did its part in making this an incredible photography project.

They took the photos monthly, and it’s crazy to see exactly how much Bear has changed over the short periods of time. The dog started dwarfing Danielle as she kept the same pose of holding him in her arms.

At six months old, Bear doesn’t even look the same!

Looking back at it all, Bear’s Mom is surprised by how quickly the past six months have flown by and by how quickly her pup has grown up. Bear is unaware of this growth spurt and still thinks he’s a lap dog! 😉

As the little Akita puppy grew, so did his incredible personality.

“What we have enjoyed the most is watching Bear grow into his incredible personality,” Danielle told The Dodo. “We feel incredibly blessed to have a noble protector, loving family member and all-around best friend.”

It won’t be long before Bear reaches his full size. And with all of the photos they’ve taken, The Schweigers will easily be able to look back at the days when Bear was just a tiny pup.

The documentation of Bear’s incredible growth spurt will help keep the memories fresh in the minds of his mom and dad. But they’re very much looking forward to the next, much bigger chapter of their lives. 🙂

Photo credits: Danielle Schweiger
h/t The Dodo