Dog Comes Across Napping Cow And Joins Her For Some Beauty Sleep

Sarthak Gambhir was lucky enough to witness something so special and heartwarming the other day in India. Shortly after leaving his house for the day, he passed a local snack stall where he saw a cow. Cows are a pretty common sight where he lives, but this particular cow had a dog curled up on top of her napping.

Sarthak Gambhir

It was the first time he’d ever seen something like this, so he stopped for a moment and took some pictures. He was careful as to not disturb them, but the dog was sound asleep and the cow acted as if she was doing everything possible not to wake the dog. She seemed to embrace this pup using her as a resting spot! 🙂

Sarthak Gambhir

Sarthak Gambhir had no idea whether this was a common occurrence for these two or if this was the first time, but he couldn’t stop smiling at the thought of it all. He had to move on with his day, but this little interaction made his day that much brighter!

h/t – The Dodo