Dog And Owner Unaware Of Alligator Lurking In The Water Just Inches Away

Corina Cox, 37, had to evacuate her home in Florida because of Hurricane Irma. After all the rain and devastation, she decided to take her dog out. But even with the storm being over, there was another danger lurking in the flood waters.

“I was looking through my phone directly at Pokey and not watching my surroundings at all. It looks like Pokey saw it and jumped out to see what it was, it must have startled the alligator,” Corina said.

As the footage rolls, you can see the head of the gator peeking above the water in the background as the dog swims. A scary sight.

“When I saw the gator pop up next to him I just started pulling in his retractable leash as fast as possible. It scared me so bad that I couldn’t stand up and had jelly legs crawling up to the house,” she continued. What a close call and lesson learned.