Corgi Calls On His Brothers To Help Him Steal Leftovers From The Counter

Hugo has short legs like every other Corgi, so there are times in life when he needs a helping hand… or paw! And lucky for him, he has two dog brothers who are always up for a little teamwork and mischief! 😉


The Border Collie mixes are used to Hugo climbing up onto their backs as he’s been doing it since he was a puppy. And here that boost came in handy and was put to good use by the dogs! A plate of leftovers had been left out on the stovetop, and their mom, Line Froystad, caught them red-handed. She was so impressed so she wasn’t even mad and ran to grab her camera!

It didn’t appear that the Border Collie brothers got anything out of it aside from being able to feel good about helping Hugo out — the true reward of teamwork! 😛