Stray Dog Wouldn’t Surrender Until He Saw Act Of Trust From Rescuer

Hope For Paws received a call on the emergency line about a stray dog wandering around a neighborhood. Neighbors tried luring him into their yards on multiple occasions, but he didn’t trust anyone. But Eldad had a trick up his sleeve…

The scared dog wouldn’t approach anyone, so Eldad placed food on the ground in order to try to gain his trust. And it wasn’t until Eldad reached out with a cheeseburger in hand that the dog finally surrendered. The pup then knew it was coming from a place of love.

The dog had no microchip, so they named him Conan. He was ready to leave life on the streets behind and become someone’s pet. He was checked out and put through some training and finished recovery, and Conan’s now ready for adoption at Foxy and the Hounds! 🙂