These Common Household Products Taste Sweet To Dogs But Are Very Deadly

A veterinarian from the Brandon Animal Hospital recently took to social media to talk about one dog’s close call with a common household product that poses significant danger to pets. This particular pooch got ahold of a bottle of Gorilla Glue, and these types of glues are extremely toxic but taste sweet to dogs.

The glue went through the Jack Russell’s system and hardened in her stomach, and she required emergency surgery. Just a few drops of the stuff is enough to seal up a dog’s esophagus and suffocate them. The hospital posted the following photo along with a warning:

“We had a Jack Russell come in that had chewed a bottle of gorilla glue. She had vomited a few times and the owners found the chewed up bottle. Apparently it has a sweet smell/taste dogs like. Doc had to go in and it had basically made a mold of her stomach and doc had to break it up to get it out.”

Brandon Animal Hospital

They continued with some good news: “She is doing great after surgery, eating and drinking normally. Be careful where you store your gorilla glue or any glue. Just be sure it is put up after use.”

Not everyone realizes these glues have such a sweet taste and smell to dogs, so better safe than sorry!

h/t I Love My Dog So Much