Best Friends Stopped Eating After Being Separated At The Shelter

Some dogs need to stay together no matter what — and that’s the case with Chicky and Goofy. After bonding and becoming friends over the years, it’s very hard on dogs to be separated. This California shelter found that out the hard way…

A California shelter quickly learned that a couple of dogs dropped off together needed to stay together at all costs.

Chicky and Goofy were separated at the Carson Animal Care Center, and that’s when it happened.

They stopped eating and just cried in their separate kennels.

The staff soon realized that the dogs missed each other. Chicky the six-year old Chow and Goofy the six-year-old Terrier are longtime buddies who had always been together.

When put back together, they quickly calmed down in their scary, unfamiliar territory.

Katy DePasquale, an independent dog rescuer, saw the dogs snuggling and knew she had to get them out together.

The problem was that Chicky landed himself on a rescue-only list after snapping at the vet who tried to help his eye infection. Now members of the public could not adopt Chicky, only rescue organizations.

Katy knew they had to be rescued together or not at all. So she got ahold of Bark Party, and they agreed. Chicky and Goofy left the shelter together.

Chicky had to be taken to a veterinarian to fix his eye, but after that the dogs were fostered together and given time to decompress from their shelter experience before finding their forever home! 🙂

h/t The Dodo