Homeless Chihuahua Was Not Ready For Human Contact, Ends Up Being The Sweetest Dog

Hope For Paws responded to a call about a homeless Chihuahua, and they used their fencing to secure the area. The scared dog didn’t know what was going on and could only cower in the corner. And what happened next clearly showed that the dog wasn’t ready for human contact just yet.

Loretta crouched down by the Chihuahua and slowly offered food. After the dog took a few bites, she thought it’d be okay to try and pet her. But the dog snapped at her out of fear. They would have to try a different approach.

They eased the gentle snare around her neck so that they could get her out of the corner. After securing her with the Lucky Leash, they spent some time just trying to get the dog to trust them.

ChiChi started to allow the rescuers to pet her, and she ended up being the sweetest dog. Once they got her back to the vehicle, she just wanted to cuddle. She was now on her way to get a nice warm bath for the first time in who knows how long.

A week later, ChiChi was placed in a foster home with another Hope For Paws rescue, Washington. Both dogs are awaiting their loving forever homes! 🙂

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To adopt ChiChi or Washington, please visit: https://www.pawprintsinthesand.org