Charlie The Golden Retriever Always Butts In When People Hug Without Him

Hugs make everyone feel better. They’re a good way to let someone know you are there for them and care about their well-being. And it turns out it’s not just humans who can benefit from the once-size-fits-all embrace! ūüôā

Dogs can also be huge proponents of hugs. While some dogs may seem stressed and want to back away when pulled in closely, others seem to be as comforted by them as humans. Always look for the signs in your dog and try to read their body language.

Charlie the Golden Retriever is one who becomes extremely jealous and feels betrayed when he sees others hugging without him. So the goofy boy will butt himself in and force a group hug without warning! Too cute and too funny ‚ÄĒ take a look below. ūüôā