Badly Injured Street Dog Found Hanging On, And By Some Miracle He Escapes Death

Animal Aid received a call about a badly injured street dog and set out to rescue him. When they arrived, they could see just how agitated and distracted the boy was by the pain. The dog gladly ate the treats that were offered, but it wasn’t enough to be able to ignore his misery.

Back at their headquarters, they couldn’t even seem to find the dog’s eye. They thought maybe maggots had eaten it away. It can be a tough video to watch at this point, but it’s worth it in the end — trust me.

Rescuers sedated the pup to remove the maggots and clean the wound as they kept hoping it wasn’t too late to save his life.

By some miracle, they found the dog’s eye and were somehow able to save his life. He looks completely different now after being just a shell of his real self for the past few weeks. It just goes to show it’s never too late! Meet Chandu today in all of his beauty. 🙂