Cat Says ‘Uh-Oh’ In Plain English When She Runs Out Of Food

Barbara Jones has a cat named Bacon, and the feline is pretty unique. When this kitty is all out of food, she says “uh-oh” in clear, plain-as-day English! She doesn’t just meow like a normal cat, and it’s too funny. 😀

It all started one day when Mom and Dad went to feed her, and the food was all gone. They would always remark, “Uh-oh, your bowl is empty.” Bacon caught on and began associating “uh-oh” with food, and the rest is history!

Now anytime they ask if she wants to eat, she hits them with an “uh-oh”! It’s a new tradition and daily routine at this point, and it’s something you have to hear for yourself to believe. Check it out! 🙂