Cat With Fall-Colored Coat Is Hard To Spot In A Pile Of Leaves

Avery Shrader was raking leaves in her backyard and allowing her cat, Lion, to play in them. Lion ended up taking a nap in the pile, and Mom snapped a photo. But later on while looking at the photo, she had a tough time spotting her fall-colored feline!

Can you spot the cat in the photo below without any assistance?

Avery ShraderThe Dodo

Lion perfectly blended in with her camouflaged coat, so we can’t blame you if you didn’t find her right away. If you give up, scroll on to the photo below for the reveal:

Avery ShraderThe Dodo

There she is! The tortoiseshell cat with black, red, orange, and white fur has found the best hiding spot to get away and escape when life gets a little hectic. 😉

Avery ShraderThe Dodo

Pass this along to friends and family and see if they can find the cat!

H/T – The Dodo