There’s A Cat Hiding In The Christmas Tree For You To Find

It’s Christmas time, and we all know what that means — cats everywhere are messing with Christmas trees! Whether they’re knocking the bulbs to the floor or climbing them, they just can’t help themselves. Well, Kathryn Welsh’s cat, Lucifer, likes hiding in their tree. And he does it every single year! 😀

Kathryn Welsh

Kathryn was recently sitting back and admiring her work on this year’s Christmas tree when she realized she didn’t know where the cat was. But she had a feeling she wasn’t alone. She then knew where to look, but even that didn’t help right away.

Kathryn Welsh

She looked and looked, and then they finally locked eyes! The sneaky boy was right there in the tree staring at Mom the whole time! She snapped a picture to post to Facebook to see if others could spot him, and many couldn’t do it.

Give up? He’s circled in the photo below:

Kathryn Welsh

What a sneaky cat! Did you find him without any help? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

h/t – The Dodo