Cat Gives Attitude When His ‘Girlfriend’ Doesn’t Come Out To Play

Daisy the cat has a lot of admirers around the neighborhood, and one of those admirers is a cat her owner, Will Murphy, calls Silken Thomas. But Daisy has never shown any interest in them. In fact, the only time she ever gets agitated in life is when they come around calling for her.

Will Murphy

In the video below, Silken Thomas shows up once again wanting his “girlfriend” to come out and play. And Will decides to go out and try to explain that his cat has no interest in dating him or hanging out. And Thomas doesn’t like that…

Silken Thomas talks back and gives lots of attitude and even gets mad enough to give a few harmless nips on the hand. Will tries to make it clear, but the persistent cat doesn’t want to hear it and will be back along with the others! Good thing this man is a cat person and likes to give them all lots of love and attention. 🙂