Pittie Puppy Found At A Construction Site Would Blossom Into A Social Butterfly

This Pittie puppy was found abandoned at a construction site weighing less than 2 pounds, and he wasn’t doing too well. Love Leo Rescue took him in to give him the care he needed, and it soon became very obvious he was a big people person (errr, dog)! ūüėČ

Carl was so sweet and friendly and started getting better over the next few days against all odds. And then one day, he found himself well enough to go on to his foster home! He made friends with all of his foster siblings as adoption requests poured in.

As quite the social butterfly who loves all the attention he can get, he found the perfect forever mom! He gets to go to work with her and make new friends almost daily. The now five-month-old pit bull is a great ambassador for the breed and dogs like himself! ūüôā