Stray Dog Approaches Hiker To Choose As His New Mom

Nikki was out in the middle of nowhere on a hiking expedition when she came across a dog. She was so surprised to see one all the way out here alone. The stray chose her and followed her around not letting her out of his sight. It’s as if he found his new mom and wasn’t going to take no for an answer!

She admitted that it felt like he’d chosen her, and she couldn’t just leave him behind when they got back to the car. Nikki felt this huge connection and bond with the dog already and just sat there crying. She took him over to the vet, and they would wait several days to see if an owner popped up.

Nikki was relieved when no one claimed the pup, and she drove back three hours to get her new dog, Camper! The two now do everything together and go on all sorts of adventures. They’re really perfect for each other! Watch the video below to see what all they’re up to today. 🙂