Abandoned Dog Crying On The Side Of The Road Just Wants To Kiss Her Rescuer

Judy Obregon of The Abandoned Ones was driving down a road in an area known as a dog dumping ground when she came across this dog. When she got out of the car and approached, she heard the stray whimpering and crying.

The limping dog submitted to her rescuer by placing her head in Judy’s hand. The dog’s makeshift leash indicated that she was originally tied to a pole or fence but had somehow broken free.

But there she sat waiting for her owners to come back to her, just as any loyal dog would do.

Judy put Callie in the car and started to drive away. But all Callie wanted to do was thank her rescuer, and she did so with lots and lots of kisses. 🙂

They arrived at the vet for a checkup, and Callie was deemed perfectly healthy aside from her slight limp. But she will quickly recover from that.

Callie isn’t the only dog Judy has rescued from this dumping ground; she has saved hundreds of dogs over seven years by constantly surveying the area.

h/t The Animal Rescue Site