Christmas Clip Featuring Buster The Boxer Gives Us The Holiday Warm And Fuzzies

The feel-good clip of this year (so far) is the same as last year. The instant classic by John Lewis featuring Buster the Boxer will give you all the warm and fuzzies this holiday season. The theme is “Gifts That Everyone Will Love,” and the twist at the end is sure to make you smile!

It all starts with dad putting together the trampoline they got for the little girl. He works hard through the night so that she can be surprised Christmas morning, and he finishes it off with a well-placed bow.

It turns out the little girl is not the only one who loves to bounce. Some wild animals appear and start jumping on the trampoline as Buster can only sit and watch from inside the house.

It’s now Christmas morning, and the little girl runs outside to see her surprise gift. But this is where Buster the Boxer gets his turn! 🙂

The look on the girl’s face says it all! Watch it play out in full in the video below and make sure to spread this holiday cheer with friends and family.