Snow-Loving Dog Won’t Budge As Grandpa Tries Shoveling It All Away

Buster is a Husky, and with that breed comes a little stubbornness as far as the things he does and doesn’t like in life. And one thing that he really loves is the cold weather and particularly the snow! And his dad, Michael Kapusty, knows that all too well. 😀

Michael Kapusty

After the first big snowfall of the year, Buster was as excited as could be! But he didn’t like the fact that his humans would try to get rid of it all. So when he saw Grandpa shoveling, the silly pooch sat down on a pile to claim it!

Buster refused to move as Grandpa was forced to shovel all around the snow-loving dog! He eventually lost the battle and realized there was plenty more snow in all the other areas outside, and he then resumed his snow-frolicking activities! Too funny. 😀

Michael Kapusty

H/T The Dodo