Stray Who Couldn’t Stand Found Dressed In Clothes Under A Blanket

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a stray who couldn’t walk. When rescuers arrived on scene, they saw that a neighbor had dressed the dog to keep him warm. He was also under a blanket and had some biscuits in front of him, but he didn’t seem to be eating.

The poor dog couldn’t put any weight on his back legs, so they rushed him to the hospital. The gentle and sweet boy was very stiff because of the pain from his injured spine, but he still had a little sensation in his legs — a good sign. With some encouragement, he was able to eat a bit.

After three weeks of physiotherapy to help maintain his muscles, he still needed work. But the old boy had a lot of fight in him despite being so calm and mellow. After six weeks, Buster was able to go back home — just look at him now! 🙂