Mom Tries Recording Her Other Furbabies, But The Jealous Dog Keeps Photobombing

Dogs can be extremely jealous creatures, and they often wear it right on their sleeves! Even without the most expressive of faces, their feelings are given away by their over-the-top actions. They just aren’t very good at hiding them. Take the dog in the video below for instance…

Mom is trying to record a video of her other furbabies, her three little bunnies. But Buster Brown the mini Australian Shepherd must’ve been feeling a little left out. The dog walked over and stood right in front of the rabbits blocking the camera’s view of them! 😀

Buster kept doing this and photobombing every time the bunnies moved around. “Are you jealous?” Mom asked her dog. Buster just wants some lovin’ too! 😉