A Burglar Is Walking Through The Yard When The ‘Guard Dog’ Comes Running

Our dogs are not only our pets and best friends, they’re our guardians and protectors. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep us safe, and their unconditional love for us always prevails. No matter the breed, they are the perfect companions for humans.

They embrace the role of being a guard dog, and the video below is a great example of that. A burglar is seen on the security footage walking through the yard and contemplating his move when all of a sudden, the family’s “guard dog” comes running — and it’s pretty vicious! 😉

The burglar hears the dog and runs to the fence to jump over before the pooch can get to him. And it turns out to be the tiniest dog! Guard dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and this man didn’t want to find out the size of the bite on this one. Smart move I say!