Bulldog’s So Happy To See Mom After 5 Days, He Knocks Her Over — Then Dad Walks In

Hank the Bulldog absolutely loves his parents and hates being away from them for any amount of time. He’s always insisting on being close to them and snuggling as much as possible. So you can only imagine his reaction to seeing them again after being apart for five days. Well, you’re in luck — just look below! 🙂

As mom pulls up to the house after the long hiatus, Hank’s already staring out the window and waiting. He was so happy to see her again, he greeted her by bringing her a toy before jumping on her and knocking her over. But that was nothing compared to what he had in store for dad…

“Hank. Guess who’s here,” mom says. “Daddy’s coming!” The Bulldog looks out the window and starts freaking out. He’s so excited to have the whole gang back together, his reunion with dad is even more intense!

Dad steps into the house to a reunion of a lifetime! Words can’t do it justice — you have to see it in action in the video below. Believe us, it’s special. 🙂

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