Bulldog Makes One Final, Desperate Plea For Dad’s Attention

Our dogs may be good at putting on mean faces and protecting their territories, but deep down they’re some real big softies. They just want some lovin’ and cuddles! At first they may ask for affection in somewhat subtle ways, but if they don’t get their way, it’s time to bust out the big guns! 😛

Just look at this Bulldog. After whining and barking didn’t work to grab dad’s attention, he went for the sad face. Who can resist the sad face? No one, that’s who! And this dog does a particularly good job of pulling it off.

“You’re very high maintenance, buddy,” dad tells his Bulldog. The dog props his head up on the couch next to dad for the final move. How adorable! 🙂

Our dogs can be such big babies, but they deserve to be spoiled! Don’t you agree? They add so much to our lives, it’s only fair. Watch the Bulldog’s desperate plea in the video below!

Does your dog have a go-to move for more attention? Let’s hear it in the comments!