Dad Builds A Doggy Door, But It’s A Few Sizes Too Small

It feels good to do it, and you can take a lot of pride in making something with your own hands. Especially when that thing is providing a helpful need for your pet! As their carers, it’s our responsibility and privilege to make our dogs’ lives easier for them. And in the video below, one dog dad decided to take matters into his own hands to give his two big pooches a doggy door to make going in and out a lot simpler. Or so he thought… 😛

Watch the test run as it seems all is going well. But it quickly becomes apparent that he should’ve built an even bigger doggy door… or something! It’s short but sweet and funny, so you’ll want to watch it a couple of times at least!

“”My dad decided to make a dog door and this is how it went,” the video caption says. Too funny! 😀