Random Cat Kept Showing Up To Class, So The School Made Him An Official Student

Bubba the orange tabby cat has become a local celebrity, and now his story is going viral on the internet. What Bubba does every day is unbelievably amazing!

Bubba the cat lives in California just minutes from the local schools.

Ever since being adopted, the family noticed that their cat is quite the explorer. But Bubba’s favorite places to visit?

The high school and middle school! The students and staff didn’t know what to make of it at first, but now Bubba is just one of the students.

He wanders the halls and visits classrooms and has basically become the school mascot. 🙂

When Bubba is ready to leave, he simply meows near the door until it is opened.

What a social kitty cat! His friendship is rewarded with treats.

When the school day is over, Bubba will often visit the soccer field for practice and then make his way back home.

Students love Bubba so much, they started a petition to have a statue built. Instead, the school gave Bubba an official student I.D. card!

Tomorrow is a new day, and Bubba is ready to do it all over again. 🙂

What an amazing story — it’s almost as if it’s straight from a fairytale!