Police Officer Visits Partner For The First Time Since K-9 Took A Bullet In The Line Of Duty

The bond between an officer and K-9 is really something special. Not only are they partners in crime, they’re best friends. So when this K-9 survived being shot in the line of duty, it made for a priceless reunion between the dog and his pal, Officer RJ Young.

Bruno took a bullet after putting himself in the line of fire during a gunfight with a suspect, and it hit him right in the face. The German Shepherd barely whimpered as he returned to his partner’s side, bleeding profusely. Officer Young and the others rushed the dog to the hospital fearing the worst. “Point blank. It was a horrific thing to have to watch. My entire world came crumbling down in the matter of a second,” RJ said.

Bruno underwent emergency surgery to remove the bullet from his lung and needed to recover from a shattered jaw. But he was getting better day after day. Once out of the hospital, Officer RJ Young planned on adopting Bruno into his family and taking over all of his medical expenses.

Bruno’s story is truly a miracle. We’re so happy these two can spend the rest of their lives together, right where they belong. 🙂