Dad ‘Faints’ To See What His Rottweiler Does, And The Dog Goes To Pee First

Dad wanted to see what his dog, Bruno, would do in the event that he passed out. Would the Rottweiler understand what’s going on? Would he be able to help, or go get someone to help? Well, the man pretends to faint on the living room floor, and Bruno approaches…

Bruno hesitates for a moment but then starts pawing at Dad’s back out of concern. The dog doesn’t stop there though; he licks Dad’s face and then tries to pick him up by the neck of his shirt! Usually when people try this, the dogs just completely ignore them. 😀

But it may be too soon to declare Bruno a hero and to say that he’d be able to save his Dad if he ever fainted. Dad tries this a few more times, and let’s just say the results aren’t as good as the first time! Bruno decides to pee first in one scenario, and he even goes to play with a frog instead another time. I think maybe he just caught on to Dad’s trick and won’t fall for it again! 😉