Dog Ruins Weathercast All Because He Wants Some Pats On The Head

Before FOX 13 meteorologist Paul Dellegatto could get back into the studio, he had to present weathercasts from his home office alongside his good buddy and sidekick, Brody. But as much as he loves his dog, he just needs a bit of alone time to be able to show the forecasts without distractions.

But that’s not really possible with Brody around! The good dog loves attention and head scratches, and in the video below he decides to go in for some pats as Dad is live on the air. But the dog bonks his head on the computer stopping the maps!

Paul is a good sport through it all and gives Brody the attention he’s seeking while still verbally delivering the forecast. But Brody’s not done as he tries to then find the cameraman who is set up out on the porch. Too funny!